Networking & Cyber Security

Network Security Training in Chennai deals with all aspects associated with the protection of the sensitive data assets existing on the network. It covers numerous mechanisms developed to produce elementary security services for digital communication. This tutorial introduces you to many kinds of network vulnerabilities and attacks followed by the outline of security measures used against them.

It describes the functioning of most typical security protocols utilized at completely different networking layers right from application to the data link layer. once looking at this tutorial, you’ll find yourself at an intermediate level of data relating to network security. Cyber security Training in Chennai is that the protection of Internet-connected systems, at the side of hardware, software, and knowledge from cyber attacks. it’s created from two words one is cyber and completely different is security.

Cyber is expounded to the technology that contains systems, network and programs or info. Whereas security related to the protection which contains systems security, network security and application and data security.

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