In YOLOSHY TECHNOLOGIES At Chennai, Java program students will acknowledge variables, functions, parameters, algorithms, arrays, JSP, Hibernate and Spring framework. the trainer will teach you ways to construct classes and elegance methods to understand the technical tasks. This Java Classroom & Online educational program Can cause you to Extremely sought-after within the business and expertise the candidates in java programming to glow their career as becoming a successful Java Developer. You’ll also determine the way to mix Java with variety of the business world’s commonest database servers to hit the work market with the particular Talent set employers Need

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Java Language Environment

♦  Object Oriented

♦  Platform Independent

♦  Automatic Memory Management

♦  Compiled / Interpreted approach

♦  Robust

♦  Secure

♦  Dynamic Linking

♦  MultiThreaded

♦  Built-in Networking

Java Fundamentals

♦  Data types

♦  Operators

♦  Control Statements

♦  Arrays

♦  Enhanced for-loop

♦  Enumerated types

♦  Static import

♦  Auto boxing

♦  C-style formatted I/O

♦  Variable arguments

Essentials of Object-Oriented Programming

♦  Object and Class Definition

♦  Usage of encapsulation to combine methods and data in a single class

♦  Inheritance and Polymorphism

  Writing Java Classes

♦  Encapsulation

♦  Polymorphism

♦  Inheritance

♦  OOP in Java

♦  Class Fundamentals

♦  Using Objects

♦  Constructor

♦  Garbage Collection

♦  Method Overloading

♦  Method Overriding

♦  Static Members

♦  Understanding Interface

♦  Using Interfaces class


♦  Why packages

♦  Understanding Classpath

♦  Access modifiers and their Scope

Exception Handling

♦  Importance of Exception Handling

♦  Exception Propagation

♦  Exception Types

♦  Using try and catch, throw, throws, finally Writing User defined Exceptions

I/O Operations in Java

♦  Byte Oriented Streams

♦  File Handling

♦  Readers and Writers

Multithreaded Programming

♦  Introduction to Multi-Threading

♦  Understanding Threads and its States

♦  Java Threading Model

♦  Thread class and Runnable Interface

♦  Thread Priorities

♦  Thread Synchronization

♦  Inter thread Communication

♦  Preventing Deadlocks


♦  Defining a Solution without Writing Code

♦  Organizing a Concept Solution

♦  Creating a Program Skeleton

♦  Defining Error Checking Requirements

♦  Introduction to Application Security

Network Programming

♦  Introduction to Networking

♦  InetAddress

♦  URL

♦  TCP Socket and ServerSocket

♦  UDP Socket

♦  Developing a Chat Application

Java Collections Framework

♦  Collection and Iterator Interface

♦  Enumeration

♦  List and ArrayList

♦  Vector

♦  Comparator

♦  Set Interface and SortedSet

♦  Hashtable

♦  Properties


♦  Introduction to Generics

♦  Using Built-in Generics Collections

♦  Writing Simple Generic Class

♦  Bounded Generics

♦  Wild Card Generics

Inner Classes

♦  Nested Top Level Classes

♦  Member Classes

♦  Local Classes

♦  Anonymous Classes

Abstract Window Toolkit

♦  Graphics

♦  Color and Font

♦  AWT Components/Controls

♦  Event Handling and Layouts

Swing Programming

♦  Introduction to Swing and MVC Architecture

♦  Light Weight Component

♦  Swing Hierarchy

♦  Atomic Components e.g. JButton, JList and more

♦  Intermediate Container e.g. JPanel, JSplitPane and more

♦  Top-Level Container e.g. JFrame and JApplet

♦  Swing Related Events

♦   Real-time Experts with Industry experience.

♦   We work on your demanding skills based on corporate expectation.

  100% placement with Better Remuneration.

♦   Live project experience.

  Softskill development with Resume Modification.

1. Do you provide placement assistance?

            Yes, we are one of the trusted institute helping our participants with genuine placement assistance in good companies. We will schedule more no. of interviews for the candidates & we will give our full support until he/she got placement in a good company.


2. Will I get on job support, If I get doubts in my projects?

            Yes, our team will support you for any clarification you need in your projects.


3. Does your institute provide any weekend classes for professionals?

           There are number of institutes which are providing more no. of courses but there is hardly any institute Except Yoloshy Technologies which is providing 100% professional training with flexible timings in weekdays, weekends and online also. Yoloshy Technologies is the only institute which provides weekend classes specially for working professionals. Many of professionals who don’t get time in weekdays but want to learn these courses they can opt the courses with Yoloshy Technologies as it provide professional training with individual approach and with 100% Job assurance.



Why Java In Yoloshy?

                                           Yoloshy Technology At Chennai, Java might be an all-purpose, class-based, object-oriented language designed for having lesser implementation dependencies. it is a computing platform for application development. One On One Session is extremely Useful for college kids to hunt out out Quick And Understand Well. At Yoloshy, Java is quick, secure, and reliable, therefore. It used for developing Java applications in laptops, information centres, game consoles, scientific supercomputers etc.

Java is basically Used for

♦  Java Programming of Hardware devices

♦  It used for developing automation Apps to form an Enterprise software

♦  Wide selection of Mobile java Applications

♦  Scientific Computing Applications

♦  Use for giant information Analytics

♦  Utilize Server-Side Technologies like Apache, JBoss, GlassFish, etc…


YOLOSHY TECHNOLOGIES  is a live platform that makes new-age software, technology and creative skills with varying Personal and Professional Goals.

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