YOLOSHY Technologies provides the best python training in Chennai, Ashok pillar. Here we train our candidates to gain complete knowledge with clear understanding in all modules.

To face the real environment challenges it’s not sufficient with basic level training the students should take-up advance level training to make it easier. In this trending field, Our Yoloshy is one of the best institute who provides live project training with real-time python developers whose experienced ranges from min 5yrs to max of 15years. And for our institute they provide placement assistance as they evaluate the student’s knowledge and provide direct offer letter with just considering their project knowledge.

After completion of python course, the aspirant will be provided with the certified certificate. While in the ongoing training the candidate will be guided with the real-time project in python and how the implementation is done using python concepts for file handling operations, and also they will get knowledge on developing and writing pig, hive, UDF and hive UDF and finally to deal with multiple python applications testing and debugging.

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An Introduction to Python 

♦  What can Python do?

♦  Why Python?

♦  Good to know

♦  Python Syntax compared to other programming languages

♦  Python Install


♦  The print statement

♦  Comments

♦  Python Data Structures & Data Types

♦  String Operations in Python

♦  Simple Input & Output

♦  Simple Output Formatting

♦  Operators in python

Python Program Flow

♦  Indentation

♦  The If statement and its’ related statement

♦  An example with if and it’s related statement

♦  The while loop

♦  The for loop

♦  The range statement

♦  Break &Continue

♦  Assert

♦  Examples for looping

Functions & Modules 

♦  Create your own functions

♦  Functions Parameters

♦  Variable Arguments

♦  Scope of a Function

♦  Function Documentations

♦  Lambda Functions & map

♦  Exercise with functions

♦  Create a Module

♦  Standard Modules

 Exceptions Handling 

♦  Errors

♦  Exception handling with try

♦  handling Multiple Exceptions

♦  Writing your own Exception

File Handling 

♦  File handling Modes

♦  Reading Files

♦  Writing& Appending to Files

♦  Handling File Exceptions

♦  The with statement

 Classes In Python 

♦  New Style Classes

♦  Creating Classes

♦  Instance Methods

♦  Inheritance

♦  Polymorphism

♦  Exception Classes & Custom Exceptions

Generators and iterators 

♦  Iterators

♦  Generators

♦  The Functions any and all With Statement

♦  Data Compression

Data Structures 

♦  List Comprehensions

♦  Nested List Comprehensions

♦  Dictionary Comprehensions

♦  Functions

♦  Default Parameters

♦  Variable Arguments

♦  Specialized Sorts


♦  namedtuple()

♦  deque

♦  ChainMap

♦  Counter

♦  OrderedDict

♦  defaultdict

♦  UserDict

♦  UserList

♦  UserString

Advance Python 

Writing GUIs in Python (Tkinter) 

♦  Introduction

♦  Components and Events

♦  An Example GUI

♦  The root Component

♦  Adding a Button

♦  Entry Widgets

♦  Text Widgets

♦  Check buttons

Python SQL Database Access 

♦  Introduction

♦  Installation

♦  DB Connection

♦  Creating DB Table


♦  COMMIT & ROLLBACK operation

♦  handling Errors

 Network Programming 

♦  Introduction

♦  A Daytime Server

♦  Clients and Servers

♦  The Client Program

♦  The Server Program

Date and Time 

♦  sleep

♦  Program execution time

♦  more methods on date/time

 Few more topics in-detailed

♦  Filter

♦  Map

♦  Reduce

♦  Decorators

♦  Frozen set

♦  Collections

Regular expression 

♦  Split

♦  Working with special characters, date, emails

♦  Quantifiers

♦  Match and find all

♦  character sequence and substitute

♦  Search method


♦  Class and threads

♦  Multi-threading

♦  Synchronization

♦  Treads Life cycle

♦  use cases


♦  Introduction

♦  Facebook Messenger

♦  Openweather

♦   Real-time Experts with Industry experience.

♦   We work on your demanding skills based on corporate expectation.

  100% placement with Better Remuneration.

♦   Live project experience.

  Softskill development with Resume Modification.



1. Do you provide placement assistance?

            Yes, we are one of the trusted institute helping our participants with genuine placement assistance in good companies. We will schedule more no. of interviews for the candidates & we will give our full support until he/she got placement in a good company.


2. Will I get on job support, If I get doubts in my projects?

            Yes, our team will support you for any clarification you need in your projects.


3. Does your institute provide any weekend classes for professionals?

           There are number of institutes which are providing more no. of courses but there is hardly any institute Except Yoloshy Technologies which is providing 100% professional training with flexible timings in weekdays, weekends and online also. Yoloshy Technologies is the only institute which provides weekend classes specially for working professionals. Many of professionals who don’t get time in weekdays but want to learn these courses they can opt the courses with Yoloshy Technologies as it provide professional training with individual approach and with 100% Job assurance.


Can I learn Python in a month?

                             Apparently yes you can! At Yoloshy Technology, Chennai. First and fore-most requirement to learn Python (within a month or not) is knowledge of coding and a little bit pro efficiency in any other language like C, C++, C#, Java etc..


 What are the objectives of Python?

       At Yoloshy Technologies, Chennai.The course is designed to provide Basic knowledge of Python. Python programming is intended for software engineers, system analysts, program managers and user support personnel who wish to learn the Python programming language. Learning Outcomes: Problem solving and programming capability.


YOLOSHY TECHNOLOGIES  is a live platform that makes new-age software, technology and creative skills with varying Personal and Professional Goals.

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