Ruby is an open-source web application and Object-Oriented programming languages like PERL and Python. Ruby has a similar syntax for programming languages that are Perl and C++. Ruby is scalable and massive programs are simply maintainable. Ruby on Rails the productive web application framework written in Ruby language which provides the knowledge necessary to  design and develop the dynamic, database-driven web applications. Rails are Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework which has default structures for the database, Web Service, and Web pages. This Ruby on Rails training course covers working with Ruby language fundamentals together with operators, expressions, decision making, loops, methods, Blocks, Hashes, and Object-Oriented. Around halfway into the course, students are taught to design their own database and work on their individual projects using the MVC (Model, View, Controller) architecture of the Rails platform.


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♦  What is Ruby

♦  Why ruby

♦  General-purpose of ruby

♦  Brief History of Ruby

♦  Where does ruby get its ideas

♦  Ruby Installation with RVM

♦  Creating a basic script in ruby

♦  Sample demo of the ruby program

RVM(ruby version manager)

♦  Rvm installation

♦  Rvm commands

♦  Rvm Usage

Working in Linu x(Ubuntu) Platform

♦  Basic Linux commands

♦  File/Directory Permissions

♦  Changing access rights

♦  Text Editors used for ROR

Ruby Operators & Ruby Shell

♦  IRB – Ruby Shell

♦  Working with Ruby operators and expressions

♦  Numeric Methods

♦  Rand and Ranges

♦  Strings, Escaping, Interpolation

♦  String methods

♦  Dates and Times

Ruby Datatypes & Variables

♦  Ruby Datatypes

♦  Numbers, Boolean, Strings, Arrays, Hashes, Symbols.

♦  Types of Variables(Global, Instance, Class, Local, Constant, Pseudo)

♦  Difference between local & instance variables

♦  Parallel Assignment

♦  Variable conditions

Ruby methods and modules

♦  Basic ruby methods

♦  Return values from methods, return statements

♦  Class methods

♦  Different ways to call methods

♦  Ruby modules and Mixins

♦  Ruby require and include a statement

♦  Difference between class and module

OOP in Ruby

♦  OOP

♦  Class

♦  The initialize method

♦  The accessor & setter method

♦  Access Control

♦  Class Inheritance

♦  Method Overriding

♦  Operator Overloading

♦  Singleton methods

♦  Metaclass

♦  Defining Attributes

♦  Variable types in Ruby

♦  Super

♦  Regular Expressions

♦  Exceptions

Basic loops and iterators

♦  Conditional operators

♦  Case Statement

Rails Rails Installation and Ruby gems

♦  What is Rails

♦  Full tack Framework

♦  Rails Strength

♦  COC(convention over configuration)

♦  Rails Installation

♦  Ruby and Rails installation on Linux

♦  Ruby Gems

♦  Working with RubyGems

♦  Gem commands

♦  Framework Technology

♦  MVC

♦  Rails Components

♦  How do Rails works in MVC


♦  Mysql Introduction

♦  Installation

♦  Start/Stop MySQL

♦  Basic Mysql operators

♦  Creating user and database in MySQL


♦  Creating a Sample Application with Rails

♦  Rails Installation

♦  Folder Structure

♦  Setup the application

♦  Rake

RAILS Model, Controller, and Views Controller

♦  What is a controller?

♦  Architecture Diagram for Controller

♦  Creating a Controller

♦  Methods and Actions

♦  Parameters(params)

♦  Controller Default methods

♦  Scaffolding

♦  Routing

♦  Restful Resources

♦  CRUD Verbs and Actions

♦  Filters(Before,After,Around)


♦  What is a model

♦  Active record Basics

♦  Destroy a model

♦  Migrations

♦  Modify, update a model

♦  Dropping a database

♦  Association, Validation, and callbacks

♦  Why the Association

♦  Without and with Association

♦  Types of Association

♦  Active Record validations

♦  Callbacks & types of callbacks


♦  Embedded ruby

♦  Working in HAML

♦  Working with Ajax, Jquery in Rails framework

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1. Do you provide placement assistance?

            Yes, we are one of the trusted institute helping our participants with genuine placement assistance in good companies. We will schedule more no. of interviews for the candidates & we will give our full support until he/she got placement in a good company.


2. Will I get on job support, If I get doubts in my projects?

            Yes, our team will support you for any clarification you need in your projects.


3. Does your institute provide any weekend classes for professionals?

           There are number of institutes which are providing more no. of courses but there is hardly any institute Except Yoloshy Technologies which is providing 100% professional training with flexible timings in weekdays, weekends and online also. Yoloshy Technologies is the only institute which provides weekend classes specially for working professionals. Many of professionals who don’t get time in weekdays but want to learn these courses they can opt the courses with Yoloshy Technologies as it provide professional training with individual approach and with 100% Job assurance.



What is Ruby on Rails for beginners In YOLOSHY?

                                                            Yoloshy Technology At Chennai, Ruby on Rails is a full-stack framework that covers backend as well as front-end web development, but it's preferable to begin with the front-end basics: CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, technologies that always go together.



Is Ruby on Rails good to learn?

       Because Rails is so forgiving to beginners and easy to use, it is a great first framework to learn if you're interested in web development. It is also definitely a contender for one of the easiest frameworks to learn, if you're new to web development frameworks.


YOLOSHY TECHNOLOGIES  is a live platform that makes new-age software, technology and creative skills with varying Personal and Professional Goals.

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