If you’re an app enthusiast desirous to code top-of-the-line native apps across all 3 platforms Android, iOS and Windows, it’s a good plan to learn Xamarin. YOLOSHY TECHNOLOGIES is perhaps the most effective alternative for learning Xamarin training in Chennai, which offers the most skilled and best trainers for the cross-platform development tool.

Xamarin training Course is attended by internet developers, programmers, and app developers.

Why Xamarin?

As a mobile developer, you’d need to run your app on all available platforms and mobiles. However, the thought of learning a replacement language, Apis and alternative stuff each time may need you to stay to at least one single platform. will be} wherever Xamarin can assist you out.

For any app, the native style is often the well-liked answer. Xamarin tools aid developers to write native iOS, Android, and Windows apps, together with native UIs (user interfaces) and so share this code across multiple platforms. additionally to native UI, app logic is shared across multiple platforms in an exceedingly distinctive method that it makes Xamarin a requirement use. Xamarin conjointly binds identical UI controls and Apis that are wont to build mac, android and iOS apps in platform-specific languages. a couple of lines of code are enough to access various libraries of the various platforms, paid and free components, and third-party services.


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Overview of Xamarin platform

♦  Overview of Mobile Development

Starter vs. Indie vs. Business licenses

♦  Xamarin store

♦  What kind of mobile apps can be generated with Visual Studio vs Xamarin Studio on both OS X and Windows

♦  Needs for generating a Xamarin.iOS application

Cross-Platform App Development

♦  Establishing mobile applications with Xamarin

♦  Introduction to Portable Class Libraries

♦  Dissimilarity and approaches to serving source code files

♦  Techniques used to switch to the UI thread

♦  Fundamental skill of Xamarin.Social component

♦  Fundamental skill of the Xamarin.Mobile component

♦  Contrast between design patterns used in mobile development like MVVM, IoC/DI, Singleton, etc.

♦  Utilizing the Nuget and Xamarin Component Store

♦  Fundamental skill of .NET libraries

♦  Utilizing the async / await keywords

♦  Identifying Memory Issues


♦  Tabbed Applications in iOS

♦  Android fragments

♦  Android – Navigation patterns

♦  iOS – Navigation patterns

♦  Android Options menu – How to add items

Data in Mobile

♦  Functioning with the File System

♦  Data in Mobile

♦  Advantages annd disadvantages to SQLite

♦  Mobile world – usage of ORM libraries

♦  Path abstraction in Xamarin.Android and iOS

♦  Android, Xamarin.iOS and Windows Phone – Remote Storage

Xamarin Web Services

♦  Xamarin – Web services

♦  Web Services – Common architecture and data formats

♦  Ways you can use to access a web service from a Xamarin application.

♦  Bindings in WCF/SOAP


♦  Overview to Xamarin.Forms

Control Gallery

♦  Core types – Page types, Layout containers, etc.

♦  Define XAML

♦  Fundamental binding features

♦  Forms – Customizing the ListView

♦  Forms – Model-View-ViewModel

♦  Forms – Resources

♦  Forms – Styles

♦  Forms – XAML

♦  Forms – Data Binding

♦  Forms – ListView

Enterprise Services

♦  Local Data Securing

♦  Utilizing the Xamarin Salesforce Component

♦  Using OAuth 2 Web Services with Xamarin.Auth

♦  Data Caching plus Synchronization

Android App Development in Xamarin

♦  Getting Started – Android

♦  ListViews – Working

♦  Maps

♦  Locations

♦  Core types of Android application – Activity, Intent, Adapter, ListView, Context, Bundle, etc.

♦  Types of project included with Xamarin and Visual Studio for Xamarin.Android

♦  Android view – Setting an id

♦  Launch an Activity

♦  Resources in Android

♦  Assets in android

♦  Android layouts

♦  Mainfest settings of Android

♦  Support libraries of Android

♦  Android – Working with Emulators

♦  Native types – used in Xamarin.Android

♦  Android code execution

♦  Working with Android Locations

♦  Types of Built-in adapter – Android

iOS App Development in Xamarin

♦  Getting Started – iOS

♦  Overview of Storyboards

♦  iOS – Tables

♦  Maps

♦  Locations

♦  iOS – views

♦  Functioning with Images

♦  Ore types of iOS applications – AppDelegate, UIWindow, UIView, Storyboards, UIViewControllers, etc.

♦  iOS – Launch images

♦  Types of project included with Xamarin and Visual Studio

♦  Differences between XIBs and Storyboards

♦  Universal apps

♦  iOS code execution

♦  Functioning with MKMapView, setting pins, setting current location, finding points-of-interest etc.

♦  Ways to providing data and UITableView customization

♦  iOS – Gesture recognizes

♦  Usage of Attributes in Xamarin.iOS

♦  plist

Images handling for normal vs. retina displays

♦  UIViews code positioning

♦  iOS Simulator – Restrictions

♦  app Folders (Documents vs. Library)

♦  Autosizing – Springs and Struts – in the designer

♦  iOS – Unsupported .NET features due to no JIT

♦  iOS – Loading images

♦  Provisioning profile creation

♦  iOS Application profile tools


♦  Test Cloud Deployment

♦  Functioning with Xamarin.UITest

♦  Overview of Testing

Publishing an application

♦  Android Deployment

♦  Android Publishing

♦  iOS Deployment

♦  iOS Publishing

♦  Fundamental steps for deploying an application to Google Play & iOS AppStore

♦  Application packaging – each platform

♦   Real-time Experts with Industry experience.

♦   We work on your demanding skills based on corporate expectation.

  100% placement with Better Remuneration.

♦   Live project experience.

  Softskill development with Resume Modification.



1. Do you provide placement assistance?

            Yes, we are one of the trusted institute helping our participants with genuine placement assistance in good companies. We will schedule more no. of interviews for the candidates & we will give our full support until he/she got placement in a good company.


2. Will I get on job support, If I get doubts in my projects?

            Yes, our team will support you for any clarification you need in your projects.


3. Does your institute provide any weekend classes for professionals?

           There are number of institutes which are providing more no. of courses but there is hardly any institute Except Yoloshy Technologies which is providing 100% professional training with flexible timings in weekdays, weekends and online also. Yoloshy Technologies is the only institute which provides weekend classes specially for working professionals. Many of professionals who don’t get time in weekdays but want to learn these courses they can opt the courses with Yoloshy Technologies as it provide professional training with individual approach and with 100% Job assurance.



Why Students Prefer YOLOSHY TECHNOLOGIES Xamarin Course?

                                               YOLOSHY TECHNOLOGIES At Chennai offers services Xamarinfor related programs. Yoloshy provide our immersive graduates with 100 percent Placement help, training, and opportunities that improve information and skills. Yoloshy offer you coaching based on current business standards. Building a strong portfolio with a highly built resume for Xamarin. YOLOSHY TECHNOLOGIES academy the leading Mobile Development Training Institute in Chennai offers classroom sessions which are fully based on practical session. Yoloshy have created multiple batches with restricted students so the tutor will keep a watch on individual attention to each student. YOLOSHY TECHNOLOGIES sessions are more interactive and well structured seeking the convenience of our students. Our experts of YOLOSHY TECHNOLOGIES are high-level graduates who work in top MNC’s. YOLOSHY TECHNOLOGIES trainers are dynamic and have good command in communication which helps to deliver the best methodologies in our Software Development Courses in Chennai. Investing in Xamarinprogramming skills is still in demand. The language is useful for Xamarinwhich is where several activities take place nowadays. Moreover, getting interesting job offers for Xamarindevelopers is not quite difficult.
In May 2020, Microsoft announced that Xamarin. Forms, a major component of its mobile app development framework, would be deprecated in November 2021 in favour of a new . Net based product called MAUI - Multiform App User Interface.


YOLOSHY TECHNOLOGIES  is a live platform that makes new-age software, technology and creative skills with varying Personal and Professional Goals.

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